My Story

Twelve years ago I was involved in an accident whilst riding my motorbike just outside of Birmingham, Alabama.  The resulting injuries were severe, leading to me being hospitalised for many months and having no visible means of supporting myself as I couldn’t work, and needed round the clock care and attention.

Like many people in similar situations, I sought legal advice to help pay for costs and my rehabilitation and ended up employing the services of a local personal injury lawyers from a well-known accident claims advice company.

The start of the relationship was all very good, with grand promises from the lawyer of how much compensation I was going to receive, and how he was going to represent me so that I wouldn’t have to worry about anything.  Sounds good right?

Well, things didn’t really turn out that way.

Due to mistakes made by the personal injury lawyer I actually ended up losing money, not getting any compensation, and was then embroiled in a legal battle for nearly five years.  I cannot give too much detail on this due to legal restrictions, but it made me determined to make sure that nobody else suffered like I did due to bad legal accident claims advice.

My website is a place for other people to share their stories, get advice or guidance (but not from a legally qualified person), and basically find out what to look for when trying to find the services of a quality personal injury lawyer or accident claims company.

I hope you enjoy the website and it bring you the help you need.

Regards, Martin Willis