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Hi my name is Martin Willis.  If you want some background to why I set this website and my aims then please read my story.

Like me you might have had an accident and employed the services of a personal injury lawyer or an accident claims advice company. In most cases you will get excellent advice and will be represented legally to a high standard.

What We Aim To Do

However, it doesn’t always work out that way.  The NVAA was a set up by myself in 2015 to help other people with independent advice and support where they have been misrepresented by an accident claims lawyers or personal injury firm.

I believe that there are thousands of people in the United States and United Kingdom who are affected by bad legal advice each year.  Perhaps you don’t receive the compensation you expect to, or even have huge legal fees that you can’t possibly re-pay.  The accident claims industry is in the main a reputable one, but there are some sharks out there who just want to take your case, your money, and then forget about you afterwards.

If you believe that you have been given bad accident claims advice or the personal injury lawyer of solicitor that you used didn’t represent you properly then you can get support from this website.  Feel free to get involved with the forums, or make a complaint yourself.

Please note that the website is still very much under development but with your help we can make it grow and shame those firms which have not done their job.